HoLy M1nDfUCk, Batman! Two days ago OWSLA signed artist, Getter, dropped his latest track and. . .well, it has us feeling like we might’ve OD’d on some whip-its. “Inhalent Abuse” is a four minute fishtail into the world of wobble land. This is Dubstep turned upsided and given a massive dose of mind-altering substances. Or as Euphoric’s own, Jessica Reed, puts it, “Wook is love. Wook is life.” And this, my friends, is heeeellllaaa wooked out!

The track was released on the heels of the launch of Getter’s newest project, Shred Collective–a music, art and clothing line. Although his site says it will debut on Saturday, it also says they are already sold-out of the “Shreddy Kruger” shirts which makes me think they’ve probably already done a soft opening. Also, those shirts are pretty fucking rad. Of course, there’s also an “Inhalent Abuse” shirt for all you trippy-ass freaks out there.