OOOOOHHHHH SHIIIIIIT! One of our favorite rappers just dropped a freestyle that reps one of our favorite weed strains and brands. Earlier today Oakland and Los Angeles artist, Lafa Taylor, posted a previously unreleased 2015 freestyle which he gives props to our favorite Santa Cruz strains turned brand, Lemon Tree.

If you haven’t heard or seen Taylor live, his witty lyrics flow between raging party and introverted artist and he always gets the booties shaking. Lemon Tree is a local weed strain that tastes like lemons from start to finish and even re-burned roaches.


This three and a half minute track is as fire as the strain and we just had to post about it. Added bonus, Taylor is only keeping it published until January 4th, 2017, unless he gets a certain number of likes and followers on his Soundcloud and Facebook. So play the track loud, light up some Lemon Tree–or buy an exclusive grinder or hoodie–and go like Lafa Taylor!!!