NXT LVL – Somatoast, DRRTYWULVZ, Zenturion – Austin, TX Show Recap

As I awoke this morning I had a surging feeling of illumination. Last night, I attended my second bass music show here in Austin, both being held at the Empire Control Room and Garage on what they call the “dirty sixth street.” The shows lineup included multiple artists, all of which I had never heard of before. I decided to give the show a try, showed up, and made my way inside the venue which had a decently large amount of people already scattered about, making their trips to the bar and the number of talented vendors showcasing their creations. The lineup included performances by Fractālà, Zenturion, DRRTYWULVZ, and Somatoast, all of which are locals here in Austin. The first set I was able to catch was Zenturion, and was quite intrigued by his ability to mix and smoothly transition from tune to tune. Labeling his style into the genres of  neurodelic and dubhop, this artist creates tracks that are made up of textured undertones and rhythmic originality. As his set went on, I became more and more impressed with this artist I had never heard of before. Knowing he was based out of Austin just as the other artists, I was anticipating what the others had in store for the night. DRRTYWULVZ was taking his place on stage, getting ready for his set. I had been introduced to him moments prior by a mutual friend but had absolutely no idea the capacity of talent that this artist held. Having just released his newest album titled “Ah Yes,” this artist played an all original set that blew my mind, possibly more so than any set I’ve seen before. Classifying his music as “outer space, mid-tempo, psy dub bass music,” DRRTYWULVZ has a style that is surely going to take him places. The psychedelic waves and wobbles accompanied by the glitchy pop quirks found in every corner of his set had me in literal awe the entire time I listened. Not only was his musical performance on point, but his stage presence could be felt by anyone and everyone gathered around the towering and beautiful light-strung tree that thrives in the middle of the venue, joining in the bass filled nights that so many enjoy. I was told by a friend that music is Levi’s (DRRTYWULVS) happiness and it could undoubtedly be felt and seen during his 1.5 hour set in which he had a smile on his face that teemed with elation. Lastly, artist Somatoast was closing out the night with a smooth and funky bumpin set that got the crowd hyped. Somatoast’s style is categorized as smooth psy dub, glitch funk, space jazz, and downtempo… an outrageously creative mixture of sounds and style. At one point during his set, he incorporated a slight salsa vibe, something that I’ve never heard in a track or set before and I absolutely loved it. The show focused not only on DRRTYWULVZ newest release, but also on Somatoast’s recent album release of 7 tracks titled “Goop.” Being a huge night for both artists, they truly shocked me with their talent. Being exposed to these artists last night for the first time gave me an overwhelming sense of eagerness knowing that there is so much talent that I have yet to discover. I have realized how ecstatic I am for my upcoming musical journey, not only because of the talent I had just discovered, but by the simple notion of how much my love for music is growing and evolving each and every day. I simply cannot explain how amazed I am when I find producers with such skill that sets them aside from the rest, and the artists included in this article are 3 of the most brilliant and ground-breaking artists I have heard in a very long time. Needless to say, if you haven’t already, take a listen to these artists and immerse yourself in the wacky, weird, and wondrous tunes they have created so far.