Snafu wastes no time getting into this filthy, high octane mix, which seems epically huge for just 30 minutes. Recorded in his home studio on four CDJ’s (Wow!), this mix is very close to what you can expect from his live set at Organic Fest this weekend. It showcases some of his newer tunes as well as other material he’s been enjoying playing out lately. Starting with 128 bpm trap bangers the mix eventually slides into more drum n bass-fueled tracks, all skilfully mixed together. Some people will be drinking coffee at Organic Fest, others maybe Yerba Matte, but we’ll be listening to Snafu to get our blood pumping! Hit play to blast off! – Chris Light

Euphoric got a chance to sit down with Snafu and chat a little bit when he gave us his brand new mix for Organic Fest(which starts today). Pump up the jams while you find out method to Snafu’s madness.


SW:So you claim the bay area as home right now, have you lived here your whole life? What was your musical background as a kid?


SNAFU:I grew up in St. Louis (Midwest) and moved here in 2014. My dad lived out here when I was a kid and always wanted to make the jump, so when the opportunity presented itself, I took it. My mom is a piano teacher so I grew up around music pretty much my entire life, and I played a variety of instruments before ultimately focusing on percussion/drum line in high school. I got interested in electronic music when I came across a Dieselboy mix CD when I was like 14. My mom would always go to this record store to pick up old CDs and sheet music and I would just wander around, and I came across this CD that I thought just had really cool artwork. I had no idea what it was at the time, but I got really into drum & bass right after that and started messing around with drum machines. I had always been interested in hip-hop as well having grown up in STL so the melding of hip-hop and dnb was always a big thing for me and I loved it when artists started toying around with that more.


SW:Speaking of production, you recently released the remixes of “Wylin”  and “Pipette up” which seems to be some of your most played tracks already, can you talk about your approach to these?


SNAFU:They’re certainly doing decently well and are a little different than what I had been doing over the past year. I had been getting sort of burnt out on the typical 140-150 bass music so about 6-7 months ago I started doing a lot of half-time DNB/trap hybrid flips and started playing them out to see how the style would do. Most of the ones I’ve done have been received pretty well, though they’re definitely not for everyone (haha). These two are pretty representative of my next stack of originals that will be coming out (been playing those out a bit as well and testing them), as they’re all 170-175 bpm tracks attempting to fuse the half time feel with fast paced/high energy drum & bass.  


SW:Tell us a little bit about your style, what tools do you use to make your music?


SNAFU:I mainly work in Logic X, though some of my newer stuff is done is Ableton. A few of my friends have been trying to force me to switch, I just haven’t fully done it yet haha. As for plugins n what not, I do most of my sound design in Serum now but I still use Massive for my sub basses as I’m not ready to give those up yet. My hardware setup is pretty simple; I have an Arturia 88 for keys, Focal Twin6s/Sub6 & Audio Engine A5’s for sound controlled by an SPL crimson interface.


SW:Speaking of making moves, you’ve got a pretty solid summer going for you having already played some  shows like opening for Dj Lady Faith last week and Organic Fest coming up. Who are you most excited to share the stage with? Can you tell us a little more about your live setup and what you do on stage?


SNAFU:For live shows, I used to use a Maschine, but found I wasn’t using it as much as I thought I would. I‘ve instead opted to play on 4 CDJs, but I’ll bring an NI X1 along as a backup to shows in case they only have 2 CDJs, that way I can still control an extra two decks. I’m playing a couple more festivals in September (one is yet to be announced) but I’m really amped to be playing with Haterade, Riot Ten, and Cybrpnk again just because those guys are my best friends and I always have a great time with them. I’m looking forward to this weekend honestly because there are so many great artists on the lineup, really looking forward to just enjoying some of the sets.


SW:Seeing as how you’re in a spot that a lot of kids are going for right now, not a superstar, but making a name for yourself.  Can you give some insight on how you got where you are now?


SNAFU:Honestly, I’m happy where I’ve managed to get it but I have soooooo far to go haha. It’s definitely a struggle just getting people to listen to what you’re creating, then finding out what it is you need to work on or change or improve upon to really catch someone’s ear. Networking is really important, and being able to take a step back from what you’re creating to hear it from someone else’s perspective is really crucial. My best advice is to make connections with people that are just ahead of you, and then just ahead of them. Don’t always pitch yourself instantly, develop meaningful friendships and eventually those people will be genuinely interested in what you’re doing as well, and that’ll go much further in the long run.


SW:What influences your sound regularly besides other music?


SNAFU:Now that’s a really interesting question haha. I would like to think maybe atmospheres or environments. I spend a lot of my days currently on public transit and I think a lot of the metallic and somewhat rhythmic sounds of trains and whatever else moving probably play a lot into some of the sounds I like to create.


SW:So someone is sitting in their tent, or house, and they are debating checking out your set, what’s your “elevator pitch” so to speak?


SNAFU:You’ll hear a bunch of tunes you likely won’t hear elsewhere (both mine and my friends’) and you’ll hear some interesting mixing as well (double/triple drops, hip hop edits, etc) as well as a variety of genres since I produce a few and love to play them as well.
Make sure you keep up with Snafu for more incoming fire, and We’ll see you at Organic Fest this weekend.