Hailing from Miami Florida,  Felmax is coming all the way to Organic Fest this weekend to drop some heavy bass on us. Featuring dope collabs with artists like ATLiens and L.Y.F.F.E. and releases on labels like DIM MAK, you already know his set is gonna be bonkers. Felmax has been making sick tunes for years but it’s his integrity as an artist that really stood out to me. Euphoric had a chance to catch up with him before the festival, and get to know him a little better. Check out the exclusive interview below to learn a little more about this stellar producer.


Thanks for doing this interview with us! Can you give us a little background about yourself and how you became Felmax? 

No problem! I’m from Venezuela but was raised in Miami. I started producing and DJing about 7 years ago, and went through several alias’s until I came across Felmax. Felmax is actually a mix of two names I had come up with in the past and decided to use it for my current project.

Your tracks are pretty heavy but still tastefully produced. Do you have any history of playing in bands or studying music theory?

Honestly not really, I feel like most artists have a “marching band” story but I never played in a head-banging rock group or anything… My family is musically talented which I think helps, a lot of them sing or play an instrument. I dabble in the piano a little bit but that’s about it.  I learned the majority of music theory through time spent producing and in front of the computer.

Do you have a favorite track or collaboration with another artist you’ve made?

That’s a tough question but my favorite collab I would say is “Zebras in America” with the homie Graves.  I have an unreleased tune with Debroka that is pretty nuts as well as one with Tynvn, excited for you guys to hear these a little later this year.


Got any cool things in the works you can talk about right now?

Well I have a bunch of big releases lined up for this year and I’m currently working on an EP for 2017 along with my first hip hop tape. Rap and hip hop is what I listened to growing up and what I started producing so I’m going back to my roots on this tape and feel like a lot of my personality is coming out on this one.

Can’t wait to hear that! Who are some other artists you’ve been really into lately and that you think should be on our radar?

Well everyone knows the big names but as far as “low key” artists I would say Tascione, his stuff is super dope. Also Lloyd Grand, he’s definitely someone to look out for this year as well as TYNVN and the homies 100TRIBN. There’s a lot of really talented people in the industry with not enough recognition.

True that. If there was one thing you could change about the music industry, what would it be?

The fact that you can just “buy your way to success” like people with no talent but money have been doing this for years and I feel like it takes the spotlight away from those who really deserve it. Obviously capital is important to build artists, because the music industry isn’t cheap, but in the long run the truth comes out and I believe true talent finds long term success.

I would have to agree with you on that. What’s one of the best things about traveling around for events and what’s one of the worst things about it?

The best part is being to travel and play my music in different places for different people. The worst would have to be the LACK OF SLEEP. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to sleep, and when your playing shows you are just not sleeping. I always try to get a nap before my sets though.


Have you played any festivals on the West Coast before? How does the scene out here differ compared to Miami?

I have never played any festivals out in the west but I’m excited for Organic Fest! And what I see from my experience playing Space Yacht is that it’s very musically driven…In Miami it’s more about getting “turnt” or trying to talk to people around you.

That’s interesting. Who else are you stoked to see play out at Organic Fest?

Definitely Stooki Sound, I’ve been listening to them for years. Also Dr. Ozi, Liquid Stranger (Of Course), BUKU, Apashe… quite a few more people actually the line-up is unique and creatively driven.

Thanks a bunch Felmax!!

Be sure to catch his set and grab your tix to Organic Fest right HERE!!