If you’re interested in experiencing the sounds of the future then embark on a sonic journey with us through ‘Blackholes’. This 12 track EP from¬†SuDs, released on MalLabel Music, is stacked with far out originals and saucy remixes by the likes of Wu Wei, Partywave, and Aplsoz as well as a collaboration with ChopsJunkie.¬†Suds did not hold back on this one, doing it huge with his signature blend of goopy fluctuations and dripping synthesizers; a production for the space age no doubt. A few of the tunes are recognizable from the all original Euphoric mix he put out a few months ago while others are brand spanking new.

Today, Euphoric is stoked to present the track ‘Liquid Drops’ featuring some dynamic lyricism from rapper Da Leke. This tune is probably our favorite from the EP; a glitchy psychedelic hip hop fusion, it’s an amalgamation of multiple styles/genres which exemplifies SuDs greater sound in general. You can’t really put a label on it and that’s why we love it. Big ups SuDs!!!

Grab the whole EP for name your own price RIGHT HERE