Euphoric Interview With Chase Manhattan


Q.Have you always gone by Chase Manhatttan or were there other aliases before choosing that one?

A. Yes, I have always gone by Chase Manhattan. Although – there was a time, when I first got into DJ’ing where the moniker was ‘CMNHTN’ (still pronounced ‘Chase Manhattan’). Sort of a VNDMG –or, at the time MSTRKRFT– thing going on. But I changed it for a couple reasons, most notably that it was very hard for promoters to get correct on flyers/events.

Q. How would you describe the music scene in Portland and what makes it unique from other cities?


A. The Portland music scene is a community in and of itself. You will often hear people refer to Portland as ‘Supportland’ because everyone here is so supportive of one another in what they are doing. The art and music scene is no different in this regard, we love to see one another rise & to assist in that endeavor in any way possible. The other thing about the Portland music scene is that there are a couple venues you can always find your friends at the night of a show, almost a homebase for the community and our crews – I really dig that aspect of the city because I like to think of myself as a very social person.

Q. Who are some other producers and artists from Oregon you that you have worked with or would like to work with in the near future?


A. I’ve worked with 12th Canvas (now known as KinoKino), Chrome Wolves, and Tiger Fresh (though we have not been able to put anything out, we still jive together well in the studio). Artists I would like to work with: My homie Graintable, excellent producer. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Danny Corn and he’s an all around great guy. EPROM also lives here…. hope to be worthy of that collab, one day :)


Q. What is the largest crowd you’ve ever performed in front of and who else performed?


A. Probably Burning Man, 2012 @ Camp Questionmark — people just kept rolling in. That was my only set on the playa that year, so I made it a special one. They also handed over a ridiculously choice slot: Friday 11pm -I believe right after kLL sMTH- and right before Kastle. It was an honor.

Q. Your set was one of the highlights for me this year at Emissions.What were some of your highlights of Emissions?


A. First of all, thank you! I would say that I gotta hand it to my guy Bleep Bloop – his set blew my mind, and -ultimately- got me super inspired. Him, and my guy BOATS – who I’ve only known for a short while, but he always slays -all original beats, too. Oh and also, when the power on the main stage went out and Chali 2na rocked the crowd with a megaphone – that, and his set actually put me in the perfect mood for my set later that evening.

 Q. Can you tell us about your upcoming tour and any other upcoming projects?


A.Working on an EP/Album right now, really stoked on the stuff that I’ve been pulling out of these studio sessions & ready to test em on the road! Yeah, the tour – gonna be hitting a few new cities, which I am really excited about. My awesome manager Sahil put it all together, so I have him to thank for the ability to just travel & play my music, meet new people and just enjoy life for two weeks next month :)


Q. And finally do you actually bank with Chase Manhattan?
A. Credit Union all the way, not trying to be a part of the problem.


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