The song “Welcome to Japan,” off of the Strokes’ new album Comedown Machine, makes me feel like I’m in one of those hot and steamy Miami nightclubs in the 80’s…why you may ask?  This track is fairly different than what we are used to from the Strokes.  Aside from the usual driving rock songs, this time around the Strokes offer us a new, super funky song that just makes you want to move.  Now, I’m definitely not the dancing type, but (to the dismay of others around me) I would definitely not be able to sit still.

The pulsating bass, heavy electronic-sounding drums, and fresh guitar lick that introduces the song fills ears with a welcomed rhythm, and you can’t help but begin to sway. Then, lead singer Julian Casablancas brings us back to reality with his signature monotonic vocal melodies and lyrics that remind us that this is still, indeed, a Strokes track.  The song continues on until a moment of clarity where the whole song comes to a head with an extended, epic outro. This is different from the rest of the song and adds yet another layer of depth to what can only be described as a funky masterpiece.

If the Strokes continue with these types of awesome beats that we call music, then by all means, you can consider me a definite fan.