daft-punk-get-lucky-612x612Like millions of other Daft Punk fans, I too have not so patiently been awaiting their return to the music scene.  Since the first time I heard the heavenly synthesized beats of this french duo, I’ve been a locked on fan.  Their hiatus from releasing new music and touring seemed to heighten their group’s status as electronic geniuses by creating this persona of unattainability.

Finally, one Saturday evening, it was as if a sign came down from heaven.  During a commercial break of Saturday Night Live, the two robot faces adorned our television screens introducing the comeback we’ve been waiting for.  Just a few days later, the first single off the highly-anticipated album Random Access Memories, which is officially dropping May 21, went viral.  It’s entitled “Get Lucky”, featuring the talented vocals of Pharrell Williams with the accompaniment of old school funk guitarist, Nile Rodgers.pharrell-daft-punk1

At first, I was skeptical.  I felt the need to critique it more than I usually would, but being that it was a piece from Daft Punk, lets just say, I had very high standards for what I was about to hear.  I admit, I didn’t feel it was up to par at first listen.  The hype of this album was like it was going to be comparable to Thriller.  The vocals seemed outdated and far from fresh; an adjective I didn’t think I could use enough of when describing a Daft Punk single.  After sitting down and really listening however, the magic hit.  This shit was FUNKY.  I felt transported back to the electro I loved and missed.  A type of EDM that seemed to fade from the light in recent years; a french-electro, nu-disco melody that makes it almost impossible not to move your feet. Though skeptical at first, this collaboration did not fail.  It will for sure be this summer’s anthem and no doubt will keep climbing the charts.

Lets just say the groove is alive in “Get Lucky”.

 -Katie Stone