One of the great things about art is that it comes in all sorts of mediums; from audio to canvas to cotton and beyond. Case in point is the new West Coast clothing line, Passed Death, from Peter Hawks and Tyler Lambiase. These two entrepreneurs are motivating people through the balances of light & dark and life & death by pushing themselves to be comfortable with the uncomfortable in an effort to urge others to “Get After Life, Before the Afterlife Gets After You”. By expanding on an already beautiful community with new designs in fashion, some twists to the current state of streetwear, and with respect to the original dons of the clothing culture they’ve began to plant their seeds across the left coast and beyond.

With a strong love for clothing, design, & community they also see an opportunity to create with a passion paired with purpose. As they grow their brand they’re determined to shed light on the darkness of our carbon footprint and be active towards helping reduce degradation of the planet by using local sustainable materials. These two are diligently working to expand their inventory and in the past week have released a new shirt design in three different colors as well as new patches with more designs and ideas coming down the pipeline soon.

“Passed Death Started as a simple play on words. Something to embody a smile and a laugh in the face of adversity and anguish. A focus on the balance of life and death. Using the inevitability of our mortality to push forward in our own endeavors”

While you can find all their kit on their website they’ve also been expanding into the physical market as well from Placerville to Reno to Portland, Oregon with more brick and mortars in their sites. Keep an eye out for them doing some vending at local shows and maybe even some festivals down the road too as their hope is to connect with their community, reach their peers on a personal level, and stretch their online reach far and wide.

We want to encourage our readers to check out this up and coming brand and to use the promo code “Euphoric” for a 15% discount on their gear. Support local art and culture!

“We’ve got plenty of time to be dead. Enjoy each day and seize every opportunity you can. Get After Life!!”