Sometimes life can be overwhelmingly consuming. Between work, friends, bills, responsibilities, creating new adventuers and those brief moments of fun, we all get that feeling of being flooded. It’s an inevitable part of living that electro-pop artist, Snugs, completely understands and prove it with their latest single entitled–you got it–“Flooded.”

Readers will recognize Snugs from our coverage of their debut single, “Radio Silence,” released this past November. Led by their cuddly–and mischeivous–little blue creature namesake, not much is known about Snugs. However, we can tell you that “Radio Slience” is a fire track that earned them well over 1 million plays on their Proximity label and “Flooded” looks to do the same.

Featuring the smooth vocals of Los Angeles musician, Axel Mansoor–who released his critically acclaimed track, “Wasted My Love,” in March 2017–“Flooded” tells the story of relentless energy and love. Set to a sweet, pop melody, Mansoor swoons as he sings “Why don’t we have some fun? A little one-on-one? Now we’re getting flooded,” and the beat builds to ethereal heights. Inspired by Snugs’ performing in a strange city, trying to gain the attention of a beautiful stranger and then realizing love is much more than just attention. As Snugs says in their (its?) own words:

Sometimes people can get overwhelmed and it can feel like you’re drowning. Sometimes the best thing to do is embrace the moment around you. Be authentic and people with will be drawn to your independence. So grab a drink, get your feet moving and swim!”

We’re extremely excited about this new track and look forward to seeing what else this elusive artist has in store for 2018! As always, we hope you enjoy it, euphorically.