In July we debuted the banging EP, MAKE IT SO, by self-proclaimed “circus crunk” producer, Mr. Jennings. The four-track release is an amalgamation of crunk, hyphy and spaced-out wook beats that gathers the most unlikely elements together and creates a jam with a little something for everyone.

On December 5th, the Virginian DJ releases the Make It So remix EP, with the original tracks remixed and recut with fresh ears. Along with Be.In, Groove Status and Secret Recipe, San Francisco producer, Muppet Punk, joins the fray with his syruped-out version of “Down Low.”

While the original definitely falls in the circus crunk vein, with stylized festival beats and an air of light-hearted fun, Muppet Punk strips it down and slows it up for a promethazine inspired sound. Where the original is a banger to keep the party going once the floor is already packed, the remix is the perfect end-of-the-night chiller for coming down and mellowing out while still traveling the dimensions of your third eye.