Stemming from the United Kingdom, Elliot Boles produces, sings, and owns a London based radio station featuring various talented electronic artists. With his release of “Shinkansen,” Elliot displays an authentic sound by fusing oriental synths with soft electronic vocals. By combining upbeat drum kicks and a smooth glitch style throughout the track, it creates for a unique balance that brings together multiple genres of music.

Along with this track, Elliot Boles recently released a track that was featured on Vol. 1 of Good Nature Collective’s sound library – placed next to West Coast artists bd hbt, Brío x Highend., and more. The artists SoundCloud contains both originals and remixes that illustrate his innovative design and style. If you want to hear more from Elliot you can follow his SC radio, where you can hear mixes as well as send in your own personal submissions and demos to be featured.