The Raindance Campout Music Festival is celebrating it’s 11th year this JUNE 10TH – 12TH at a new location, the Blue Mountain Event Center in Northern California. This camping area happens to be right next to the Yosemite National Park, meaning Raindance goers will be surrounded by the serene atmosphere of the forest. Raindance Campout wants to celebrate ones spirit and will be doing so with this years awesome lineup!


1. Trevor Kelly

Trevor Kelly a SoCal native and SF transplant who ventured out into the music industry by expanding his creativity away from the norm.

trevor kelly


2. Jpod

Jpod creates such bouncy beats that will make you move up and down. His music is described as fun funk, glitch hoppin’, that has a groovy bass sound to it. His positive energy and goal to make you smile will leave you feelin’ as happy as ever.



3. El Papa Chango

El Papachango is one of the core creators of El Circo, which is one of San Francisco’s most innovative performance groups. His Argentinian roots are prominent even when he mixes the music to the west coast beats. El Papachango’s soulfully funk beats are quite infectious on the dance floor.

el paps chango


4. Christian martin

As one of the co-founders of Dirtybird Christian Martin changed the scene for house music around the San Francisco area and beyond. He has so much to bring on the table with his experience exploring the world of Electronic Music.



5. Smasheltooth

Smasheltooth’s style is inspired by many different genres ranging from hip hop, to Reggae, to Drum and Bass. Her raps and hip hop background will surely make you want to move during Raindance!



6. AnTenNae

AnTenNae’s ability to do live remixes on the fly is one of the reasons why he is one of the most sought after DJ’s in San Fran. AnTenNae’s tracks are BASS heavy and rigid which is where he started his sound Acid Crunk which is unique to him and has no constraints on what he can create.



7. Human Experience

The Human Experience plays and creates a live symphony on stage while performing with distinct soundscapes and sultry beats.

human experience


8. VibesquaD

Originally from Colorado, VibesquaD creates some riveting bass tracks. His innovative style and multi instrumental jazzy background definitely plays a roll in his sound.



9. Librarian

This Bass Coast Music Festival co-founder isn’t just meant for behind the scenes in the music industry. Her style as the Librarian is quite intriguing with her sophisticated yet futuristic sound.



10. Shades

This dream team consisting of Alix Perez and EPROM shows their appreciation for the gravity distorting bass and inspired hooks used in their EP Shades. Check out this deep bass remix they did of Lie4!



11. Boreta

Boreta is one third of The Glitch Mob and one half of Nasty Ways. His glitchy sounds will definitely catch your ear at the Raindance Campout Music Festival.