Coming from Richmond, Virginia, this beat maker named Ethan Glass is performing at Emissions next month. His last EP called Molten Chore was released on Saturate! Records but expect him to play unreleased tracks when you see Ethan Glass live. His music is bass heavy driven mixed with crazy shifting drum patterns and distorted synths. Expect to get wonky and be prepared for an energetic, bass blasting set. You can check out his tracks on Soundcloud and also download his Molten Chore EP through his Bandcamp. Be sure to check him out at Emissions!

On your Facebook description you put your genre as “Dance Dance Revolution on Acid,” can you elaborate on that?

Haha that was mostly joke, DDR was the first place I really got exposed to electronic music, alot of the music on there, especially on the versions my local arcade had were all these drum n bass and 90s synth rave tunes it’s really great stuff, it’s also where I really got exposed to counter-culture for the first time because the local arcade is where all the punk kids hung out and I got involved in that scene and we would go smoke weed behind the taco bell next door

Also, were you a pro at Dance Dance Revolution?

Nah I wasn’t AAAing max300 but I was pretty good for my local arcade

What is your “go-to” song whenever you perform live?

The unreleased ones

Big ups to you on your Molten Chore EP, how long did it take to complete it and what can we expect from you in 2016?

Thanks not really sure how long it took to be honest, it was done for awhile before it got released and that was over a year ago and I’ve written so much new music since then its hard to think about, next up I have some collabs with SAYER, yunis, and BOATS that are getting released, and an hour long mix of all new original tunes, and I’ve been working on producing some videos for the tunes

What have been your favorite venues/events that you played at?

Camp Questionmark? at Burning Man is without a doubt the best place to play

For your Emissions Music Festival set, what can people expect to see different than other artists?

All original music and a good amount of it will be unreleased

Emissions lineup

Euphoric / Euphoric Styles /