Performing at Emissions 2016 is a young artist, who goes by the name of CharlestheFirst. Born in the Sierra Nevada mountains, he uses nature as a big source of inspiration and influence in creating his own sound. His new album “Running Through the Forest” is dropping on May 3rd, 2016. Come check him out at Emissions because his set will take you on a vision quest that will bring you nothing but smiles, good vibes, and zen.

When can we expect you to drop your new album?

I am currently expecting to release my album May 3rd. But you can expect the first single off of it to be released with The Untz on Tuesday April 19th.

You recently held a fundraising event for Bernie Sanders, what inspired you to organize this event?

I didn’t organize that event. That was thanks to Miles Ross aka Psy Fi, but I was really happy to be participating in it. It is a really important time in our country to be politically active regardless of your age.

What kind of music software do you use and what would you recommend for upcoming producers?

I use ableton to produce and perform my music. If you are a new producer, or any producer really, just practice, practice, practice, practice. Use the massive amount of information that we have at our fingertips to learn. Expand your creativity. Write in a journal, go on a road trip, and take chances. Use those experiences to write your music.

What was the situation with your old laptop, and what’s your current laptop now?

My old laptop was starting to break down, and crashing during lots of my sets due to lack of storage and how long I had been using it to make music. Thanks to the support of my awesome friends/fans/family I was able to raise some money to put towards a computer. Now I have a squeaky clean macbook pro. I’m eternally grateful for everyones help.

Are you pursuing music full time or attending college as well?

I’m doing music full time right now.

What has been the biggest moment in your music career?

Just getting out to bigger crowds to play music has been really big for me. Also getting played on Pretty Lights radio the other day was incredible. I don’t think there are specific moments that are “big” for me, the whole journey is really special.
What events are on your bucket list to perform?

I really want to travel out of the country and play music, places like Europe and South America. Also Red Rocks is for sure on my bucket list.

Emissions 2016