Gregory Raymond Halili is a Filipino artist who grew up in and currently lives in Manila.  He creates beautiful works of art on mother of pearl shells that are found around the Philippines. Gregory is most often a painter, but was influenced by the beauty of nature in creating his skull carvings.  His carvings aim to connect the raw human to the natural world that surrounds us. Gregory first carves the skull and then uses oil on the black-lip and gold-lip mother of pearl shells to create the details in the skull.  His works are on display in Manila and New York City. I was extremely impressed by Gregory’s art when I came across it on Tumblr; these shells are so beautiful and unique.  Check out more of his work on his Facebook page:

mother-of-pearl-shell-skull-carving-gregory-raymond-halili-06 mother-of-pearl-shell-skull-carving-gregory-raymond-halili-04