David Doubilet has been taking underwater pictures since the age of 12. He started by creating makeshift underwater housings from rubber anesthesiologist bags that he put a camera inside of, but pictures were unrecognizable. He has upgraded and mastered his art over the past 50+ years and hasn’t looked back since. He has published almost 70 articles with National Geographic since 1971 and was named a National Geographic Contributing Photographer-in-Residence in 2001. His work is amazing and only becomes better when you understand how difficult it is to get the kind of shots he does. Not only is it impossible to set up the majority of these shots, but your timing must be impeccable to capture these animals in the positions he does. If you enjoy his work as much as I do (How could you not?), go to his website and check out the rest of his incredible portfolio (http://www.daviddoubilet.com/default.asp)