Opening today, at the Sesnon Gallery in Porter College at UCSC, is the Irwin Scholars Exhibit, which will remain open until June 14th. This multi-panel, printed and carved, woodcut piece by Cary Wander is one of many featured, but also one of a kind.  As an artist, Cary states that he hopes to use his art to inspire environmental awareness within others. Focusing mostly on the underwater world known as the ocean, Cary carves intricate designs that not only portray nature and animals, but oil and pollution. This piece, in particular, features images of fish and the twin towers, as well as octopi and windmills, which he used to tell the story of today’s eco-terrorism. Below is the entire description of this piece in Cary’s own words. I highly suggest seeing this entire exhibit, and checking out Cary’s work in particular. This piece will raise questions within yourself that may lead you to better the environment that we live in.

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