These days, it is a difficult task to encounter some down-home, southern, rock and roll, but judging by the events that took place last Thursday night; one needs to look no further.

The event was held in the Atrium of the Catalyst last Thursday and started off with local band “Dirt Track Heroes.” This band, led by lead singer Bryan Ferrill, had a sound that could be likened to that of “Metallica” because of Ferrill’s vocals.  This, along with their tight rhythm section and extraordinary guitarist, was a recipe that left the audience asking for more.  The energy that “Dirt Track Heroes” exuded on Thursday night left me, along with the rest of the audience, excited and energized with what they had to offer and left us ready for the headlining act.

Next, the headlining act “Dash Rip Rock” went on stage. Consisting of lead singer and guitarist Bill Davis, bassist Patrick Johnson, and drummer John Value, “Dash Rip Rock” put on a show that would not easily be forgotten.  Their unique critter-country, southern rock genre, coupled with the mastermind lyrics and overall guitar skill of lead singer Davis, the trio from New Orleans successfully transported the audience straight to the bayous of Louisiana.  Though the size of the crowd left much to be desired, that was no deterrent for “Dash Rip Rock,” nor a deterrent for an audience member like myself to be completely enthralled with the performance. One could tell that no matter where they were, or who they played for, all “Dash Rip Rock” wanted was to have a good time and share it with whoever wanted to join in.

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