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    Selena Castro

      Selena Castro is an artist that loves to paint life into fire hydrants. Her work is lighthearted, playful, and very cute. Her style of simplicity and humor is very pleasing to the eye. Although I have never personally thought of fire hydrants as anything …

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    Gravity – Imagination (ft. Jeff Anderson)

    Imagination is a fun piece of prog rock produced by Gravity. Gravity is a prog project created by Michael Brossard from Paris, France. He plays the guitar and all the electrical instruments and synths in Gravity’s songs. With the help of Anderson on vocals, Gravity …

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    Jacquie Walton – JW Art Pottery

      Visit Jacquie Walton’s website at to view more beautiful vases and pots. Walton’s colorful vases look like it could be a great addition to an art collection. The artwork is also a decorative vase that can be used to hold flowers and water. Walton …

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    Aparde – Thousand and Thousand Days

    I just discovered Aparde through Soundcloud and listened to a couple of his tracks. Aparde is a techno music producer based in Berlin, Germany. Thousand and Thousand Days is an exploration of different sounds as Aparde tries to incorporate a new vibe into his techno …

  • 0008 Tomorrowland

    Marilyn Kuksht Marilyn Kuksht is a sculptor of iron and bronze, but the sculptures she creates with those materials is art. She turns once functional objects of industrial use into pieces full of form and expression. Her work ranges from small pedestal pieces to full size …

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    James Bay – Hear Your Heart

    Check out this song “Hear Your Heart” from James Bay’s brand new EP, Let It Go. Bay’s voice is a pretty sweet tenor that I can’t see myself getting tired of. He also uses his guitar to perfection, carrying the rhythm while sounding raw and naturally acoustic. …

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    Sandra Suarez and her Adorable Masks

      Sandra Suarez is a Spanish artist with a current project that takes an artistic, and fun spin on masks. She creates goofy little objects with cardboard and paint. All of her creations look detailed and she looks to be having fun with them. Check …

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    Shabaam Sahdeeq – Keepers of the Lost Art

    Brooklyn hip hop artist Shabaam Sahdeeq released an album two weeks ago, called Keepers of the Lost Art. The title song is most impressive, depicting a world where a new generation of kids discover the style of old, classic hip hop. The album art is …

  • 0009 MHP SCHARBOR 12 8 2012 126 Web

    Matt Hofman

    Matt Hofman is a photographer that loves the outdoors and nature. Wherever he goes, he snaps incredible photos of the landscape that is so inspirational. Matt Hofman’s photographs of the seascape captures the many beauties of the ocean shore. His work is fueled by naturally …

  • Redeemer Of Souls 1920

    Judas Priest – Redeemer of Souls

    Judas Priest has released a new track before the official release of their new album, “Redeemer of Souls”. The song shares the title with the album and was published by the Judas Priest Official Youtube channel today. The opening guitar riffs, sounds like classic Priest …

  • A Wide Shot Of Ai Weiweis 010

    Ai Weiwei – S.A.C.R.E.D

    Ai Weiwei is a Chinese artist and political activist famous for his criticisms of the Chinese government. “S.A.C.R.E.D” is one of his best works and sheds light on the way China’s corrupt government controls and restrains its critics. Six iron boxes are each prisons in …

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    Psymbionic @ The Catalyst

    Psymbionic definitely pumped up the crowd when he came on after the opening had the audience primed and warmed up. Although he took a while to set up, he was still welcomed  when he got his first track running. When Psymbionic got going, the dancers …

  • Rush Permanent Waves

    Rush – Natural Science

    Natural Science is about the way we have fashioned our world with technology but have yet to tame our discoveries in order to comply with nature. Technology that is incompatible with the environment will lose to the ebb and flow of the tides. The album …

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    Briya Serrano

    Briya is a Santa Cruz local with a knack for creating cute, colorful paintings. The level of detail that is achieved through her use of sequins is superb.

  • Hddrobot 565x582

    Miguel Rivera

      Miguel Rivera, a Systems Administrator for the U.S. Air Force, designs and builds his mechanical creations from old, broken hard drives found on the job. The robot was built from 14 laptop hard drives and bits and pieces of spare computer parts. We all …

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