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  • Felid Orthus

    Sarina Brewer: Rogue Taxidermist

    Sarina Brewer started off working predominantly with oil paint and animal remains, aiming to pay homage to the animals they incorporated. In her newer work as a skilled taxidermist, she turns animal remains from average roadkill to realistic fantasy creatures. While the animals used may …

  • A Wide Shot Of Ai Weiweis 010

    Ai Weiwei – S.A.C.R.E.D

    Ai Weiwei is a Chinese artist and political activist famous for his criticisms of the Chinese government. “S.A.C.R.E.D” is one of his best works and sheds light on the way China’s corrupt government controls and restrains its critics. Six iron boxes are each prisons in …

  • MichaelO1


    Michael Oswald uses unique techniques to his work, he begins with a photo of a model and transforms it into a work of art. He uses techniques such as digital painting and illustration to create imaginable art. His art is described as “photo-manipluation on steroids” …

  • Swimming Hole Jitters Hires E1398306128537

    David Zinn

    David Zinn has been using sidewalk chalk since 2001 to transform streets and sidewalks (mostly in Michigan) into works of art. Every one of his pieces is improvised on location, but he does feature a green, alien creature in almost all of his work that …

  • Screen Shot 2014 04 22 At 12.20.24 PM

    Lightweaver – Coachella 2014

    Lightweaver,  a three story, tri-arch light up installation created by Los Angeles artist Alexis Rochas was talk of the festival this past weekend. Resembling a roller coaster, this metal framed, and canvas covered object was home to 16 rotating strobe lights. At night, the lights which …

  • Meeting Raqu 2 Sig E1398064198610

    Brittney Sager

    Brittney Sager is a senior at University of California, Santa Cruz who is currently studying Art with an emphasis in Concept Illustration. Her independent work seeks to explore multiple ideas and concepts, such as mental stability, costume design, style and the human condition. Brittney’s most …

  • 2 Andy Yoder Globe E1398022878222

    Andy Yoder – Early One Morning

    Andy Yoder is a NYC based artist who mainly focuses on sculpting.  He was born in Ohio in 1957 and attended the Cleveland Institute of Art.  He has countless collections, and his work has been in exhibitions all over the US.  I came across one …

  • Chopsticks9

    Hong Yi (A.K.A Red) Hong Yi started out as a simple artist with a YouTube channel. Hong Yi, known as Red to most, likes to paint. However, she doesn’t like to paint with a paintbrush. Instead, Red finds different ways to create her beautiful artwork. In one of her first paintings, …

  • Tumblr N46qdmR3qI1qav5oho1 500

    Daze: State of Mind – Jee Young Lee

    The Korean artist Jee Young Lee created an elaborate installation in her studio, in Seoul, using everyday materials—plywood, paper cups, straws—and handmade props. The constructed landscapes are her interpretations of personal experiences, dreams, and Korean folk tales. Take a look: Top: “I’ll Be Back” Bottom “Reaching for …

  • Category Image Update Img E1397788545688

    New Banksy Work

    Banksy is an anonymous graffiti artist and director out of the UK. He has been putting his art on the streets for over 20 years, always with a strong message behind it (most often a political one). Monday he posted a new piece of work …

  • 0028 1457500 483369988445840 263531549 N

    Briya Serrano

    Briya is a Santa Cruz local with a knack for creating cute, colorful paintings. The level of detail that is achieved through her use of sequins is superb.

  • Bryan Welch 11359368283 2e05caa6e6 B 428W

    Swoon’s New Brooklyn Museum Exhibit

      If you like fantasy-themed environments that you can actually visit, than Swoon: Submerged Motherlands at the Brooklyn Museum is right for you. Artist Swoon, whose real name is Caledonia Dance Curry, has been a staple in the New York street art scene for many years by bringing …

  • Sensazioni By Diegokoi D5hk8nb 252x3001

    Diego Fazio – Sensazioni

    Diego Fazio is a 24 year old Italian artist with an incredible talent. He was born in 1989 in Lamezia, Italy and taught himself how to draw. Diego’s specialty is drawing, but not any ordinary drawing.  Diego’s art is referred to as hyperrealistic drawings, also …

  • Mulan E1397789430709

    Twisted Disney Princess by Jeffrey Thomas

    Jeffrey Thomas is the creator of the twisted disney princess concept art. He turns main characters into their evil version of themselves. His artwork included disney princesses from the following movies: Mulan, Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, and …

  • Screen Shot 2014 04 13 At 11.30.49 AM

    Bicycle Chain Sculptures by Seo Young Deok

    South Korean Artist, Seo Young Deck, has created a new use for the simple bicycle chain. In his new exhibit, Urban Renewal, Deck uses the chains to create intricate sculptures that he says are inspired by what he sees in “crowded markets, and metro or bus …

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