Recreator is a hemp clothing line that’s primary goal is a call for change on hemp regulations in the United States.  They have taken it upon themselves to push lobbying efforts and to educate the public about the prohibition of one of the most versatile products on our planet. Currently they use hemp products imported from China because of the Controlled Substances Act (1970), but with the recent farm bill amendment calling for new hemp research they are optimistic in the near future they can use all locally grown hemp.



“Sow the seeds” is the slogan for the company. This is because of their ultimate goal which is to produce from seed to stitch but also because they want to spread the word and share this knowledge, as all action and thought comes from a seed.To accomplish this they have worked step by step with hemp farmers, activists, lobbyists, clothing manufacturers and their own artists to create a totally organic product. Garrett Jett, Pieter van Tongeren and Adam Halverson are the artists behind the Recreator designs but Recreator is more of a movement than a clothing line. The team consists of Matt McClain, Danny Preslar, Justin Petty and Tyler Purdue. These guys have made several moves in California, Colorado and Washington but recently they have been putting most of their energy towards farm bills in Indiana that would lead the way for the legalization of hemp production in the state.



They have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign and could use your help to fund their very ambitious goals of changing hemp legislation through their clothing line. There are different tiers of donations and with each donation you will be given different Recreator merchandise.  They are well on their way to their modest goal of $25,000 but every dollar helps so please help them weave a thread into the cultural fabric and donate today.



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