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  • Starfari

    Glimpsing the Starfari Universe at Northern Nights.

    Now that Northern Nights is half a decade old, it continues to attract newcomers of all walks of life. Each year more and more artists, dancers, gypsies and performers flock to Cook’s Valley Campground to spend the weekend in the woods, on the river and …

  • Gblheadt

    Graham Bandt-Law

    I intially wanted to write an article about Graham’s art in the usual format that we do our art articles but I couldn’t find the words to do it justice. I figured instead of trying to describe the undescribable I would just pick his brain …

  • Robynchance

    Robyn Chance – Artist, Dancer, Muse

    One of the aspects I love the most about festival culture is how it expands our awareness and imagination of what is possible to create. I believe the power to create in innate in all of us, and how we create, what we create, is truly …

  • Scificover

    Old Sci-Fi art is sick!

    Cover by Stephen Youll It’s interesting to see look at how people in the past saw the future, what they got right, and what was completely off, even if the art was made only a few decades ago. The future has never looked so retro! …

  • 0008 IMG 3286

    Selena Castro

      Selena Castro is an artist that loves to paint life into fire hydrants. Her work is lighthearted, playful, and very cute. Her style of simplicity and humor is very pleasing to the eye. Although I have never personally thought of fire hydrants as anything …

  • Typeone


    David Carson is an American Graphic Designer who was an art director of Ray Gun. Carson is well known for the use of experimental typography. He is currently the designer of David Carson Design, where he has been doing various work for major brands such …

  • 384424053587963 E1401942232722

    David Doubilet

    David Doubilet has been taking underwater pictures since the age of 12. He started by creating makeshift underwater housings from rubber anesthesiologist bags that he put a camera inside of, but pictures were unrecognizable. He has upgraded and mastered his art over the past 50+ …

  • 10339621 10152209231983411 7613243612851033294 N E1401927994448

    Gregory Raymond Halili – Mother of Pearl Shell Art

    Gregory Raymond Halili is a Filipino artist who grew up in and currently lives in Manila.  He creates beautiful works of art on mother of pearl shells that are found around the Philippines. Gregory is most often a painter, but was influenced by the beauty …

  • Steph Geo

    The Irwin Scholars Exhibit Feat. Stephanie Toro

    The Irwin Scholars Exhibit opened last week at the Sesnon Gallery at UCSC. The Irwin Scholarship itself, is the most prestigious award in the Art Department. This year, it was awarded to 12 students by faculty nomination, one of which was Stephanie Toro. Stephanie’s art takes …

  • 0001 JW 1

    Jacquie Walton – JW Art Pottery

      Visit Jacquie Walton’s website at to view more beautiful vases and pots. Walton’s colorful vases look like it could be a great addition to an art collection. The artwork is also a decorative vase that can be used to hold flowers and water. Walton …

  • Pccover

    These beautiful Political Cartoons Hit hard on big issues

    Pawel Kuczynski is a Polish artist and political cartoonist who specializes in political cartoons about the United States. His cartoons are less funny and much more somber than what you may be used to. damn daaamn daaaamn welp.

  • Tumblr N4qmz1IRIr1qmjp01o1 500 E1401346288687

    Kerby Rosanes

    Kerby Rosanes is an artist that takes your typical “bored in class” doodle and puts it to shame. Kerby does almost all of his work in a Moleskin notebook covering two pages in simply pencil, then he goes over it in pen to fill things …

  • Slide 349450 3737764 Free E1401338449179

    Starbucks Coffee Cup Art

    Some very lucky Starbucks enthusiasts in central London may be in for a surprise the next time they get a coffee. Forty-one year old Starbucks barista Gabriel Nkweti Lafitte draws some awesome illustrations on the coffee cups he gives to customers.  Lafitte says he gives …

  • Screen Shot 2014 05 28 At 6.14.13 PM

    The Irwin Scholars Exhibit feat. Cary Wander

    Opening today, at the Sesnon Gallery in Porter College at UCSC, is the Irwin Scholars Exhibit, which will remain open until June 14th. This multi-panel, printed and carved, woodcut piece by Cary Wander is one of many featured, but also one of a kind.  As …

  • Screen Shot 2014 05 22 At 11.31.11 AM

    Atomic Bomb Art Photography

    Clay Lipsky is an art photographer who is also an Emmy Award winning graphic designer in Los Aneles. His unique visual styles consists of various other mediums from print, music videos and film. But photography has always been his main choice to illustrate his perspective …

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